C-Tile - the corktile
Several cork elements were designed and developed in collaboration with cut-architectures office in Paris, France from the original tridimencional corktile, C-Tile, created by pomm.
C-Tile - the corktile
The usual and the unusual coexist at Le Syndicat.

Located in St. Denis - Paris, Le Syndicat's original broken mosaic flooring from the 60's was retrieved, the pillars on the street side left bare, as were the original plaster panels of the acoustic lining with their grey and pink variations.

Yet, modern decorative, mobile and optical elements are also at play: golden quilted curtains are surrounding the space enabling its partition, and geometric Cork-Tiles cover large surfaces, adding dimension and volumes.

The corktile, C-Tile, designed by the Portuguese design studio pomm together with cut-architectures, combine the repetition of simple geometric shapes and indirect lighting to create complex topographies, playing with volumes and shadows.

At Le Syndicat, C-Tiles cover the whole ceiling adding an unusual texture to expected structures. Other geometric cork elements designed by pomm are also found: cork bar stools and corklamps combine the simple and the complex in a multicultural and alternative environment.
Location : 51 rue du Faubourg, St-Denis - Paris - France
Date : 2014
Surface : 55m²
Cork design elements : pomm & cut-architectures
Material: Agglomerated cork
Pictures : David Foessel

Intramuros - edition 178 - France

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